Sunday, April 29, 2018

Disneyland - 2-7-2018 to 2-13-2018 (2-7-2018)

 We headed to Disneyland for our last family trip before Logan turned 3 and was no longer free. Early morning flight so we could check into the hotel and head straight to Disneyland.

February 2018 - Horses

February 2018 - Meals

February 2018 - Random

Matt's girlfriend from high school passed away after a 3 year fight with breast cancer. He went to the funeral with Becca, Jared, Nic, and Kyle to honor her memory. 

Kara and Logan out shopping with daddy and having a fun time. 

Morning fun watching Zootopia.  

Logan's cute new haircut.

Kara asked me to take her picture when we went on a quick shopping trip together just the two of us.

First time the diapers got down this low, but can't potty train Logan since we left two days later for a family trip to Disneyland.

Cuddling with Jax and being silly with Kara.

Logan had a rough night, so we slept on the couch. Love little boy cuddles.

Kara takes after her daddy when she gets a cold. It all goes to her eyes.

Kara reading to Logan.

My happy place when the calendar for the month is put on paper

Letters to kids for when they get older.